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20 Jan 2016

HQ Committee confirmed 

IHEM 2016 timetable

Nov 15th - 18th 2016 (exp)

18 Jan 2016

New domains online:


18 Sep 2015

IHEM 2015 

Sucessfully held 

at Augsburg

International Institute of Health Economics and Management (IIHEM), is a Hong Kong-registered non-profit academic organization founded in August 2008. Now, we are the institute member of two World Health Organization (WHO) supervising institutes: Global Health Workforce Alliance (WHO-GHWA, Switzerland) and Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (WHO-AHPSR, Switzerland).

IIHEM emphases the application of economic theory and management techniques using in healthcare practice, advocate academic freedom and multidisciplinary research, aim to provide reference to global health development, promote cutting-edge research in the field of health economics & management, enhance interdisciplinary health-related research of law, economics, sociology, psychology, preventive medicine, information technology and etc. 

The president of IIHEM served as Part-time Professor of Hong Kong Government Vocational Training Council, Visiting Professor of Hong Kong Chinese University, Honorary Fellow of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Member of International Health Economics Association (iHEA, USA), Member of International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF, Germany), Senior Member of International Association on Chinese Management Research (IACMR, USA), Director of World Federation of Chinese Medicine - Naturopathy Research Professional Committee & Chinese Preventive Medicine Association - Health Management Professional Committee, Permanent Director of National Institute of health management education, Professional Committee member of China Preventive Medicine Association Health Management Branch, Expert of State Ministry of Health in Health Economics Research and Training Network, Professional Committee Member of Chinese medicine and health management Mathematical Society Expert Committee and etc.